Ideal Strength & Fitness

HGT program is designed to have a balanced approach to fitness and give you the benefits of a 1 on 1 Personal Training, while training in a group setting. Our sessions have a hybrid approach to fitness that will be focused on Conditioning/ Endurance/ Strength by mixing aerobics, athletics, weight training, calisthenics, mobility and more.

ISF Coaches will demonstrate, guide, assist, modify and much more.

With consistent workouts and a healthy diet, you will develop and/or maintain a wide range of fitness skills and be able to maintain various levels of physical activity for longer periods of time. Building muscle and fat loss will also be another benefit when diet and training are point.

Sessions consist of a Dynamic Warm Up. Main Workout and sometimes a challenging finisher. Typical Workout time is 45 minutes plus finisher. By having an active membership, you also gain access to doing our monthly programming home if that is more convenient for you.

Currently offering Memberships & Group Packages. 30 Day Cancellation Policy on memberships. No Contract. No Refunds.