Ideal Strength & Fitness

ISF Personal Training sessions are mission based so that once you are done with your session, you can go on with your day. Typical training session is 30-50 minutes. You will work individually with a trainer for a portion of your session and work on your own with the assistance of a trainer for the remainder. This allows us to keep our pricing affordable.

Plans are customized based upon the needs of the customer. Session time, budget, commitment, individual needs, etc. are all factored into your customized training plan.

Our Personal Training coaches work with all different types of people with varying levels of fitness at many different age ranges. We train our customers for all types of reasons like:

  • Quality of Life
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Strength Training
  • Military PFT
  • Athletic Events
  • Many More Reasons

You will work directly with a certified personal trainer towards your goals. ISF has accommodation for morning, daytime, evening and weekend training. Training with a friend or another ISF customer is also available is also available for reduced rates. Please contact for more info.

Sessions will be coordinated with your trainer. Cancellation sessions or make up sessions will be handled with your trainer. No Refunds!